About Our Clinic

La Estetica was started by Dr. Almond L. Derla, a renowned and accomplished Dermatologist and a Cosmetic Surgeon. The contemporary approach in restoring and enhancing the face and body is the signature of La Estetica. However, due to the increasing demands of patients, recently, La Estetica focused on the most recent advances and cutting-edge techniques used in all aspects of Aesthetic Surgery, Clinical Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, Laser Surgery, Regenerative Therapy and Obesity.

La Estetica has a team of Specialists to correct any human body deformity for aesthetic reasons. The team of specialist includes, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologic Surgeons, Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Anaesthesiologists, Pulmonologist, Regenerative Specialist and Psychiatrist.



To become the leading beauty clinic for ultra-rich Filipino women by 2022.



La Estetica aims to help ultra-rich Filipina women be the best versions of themselves at their age, and make them more confident as they take on their roles as wives, mothers, and leaders in their fields. We will do this by providing the latest high-end, evidence-based beauty treatments in one personalized, exclusive, comprehensive, and medically-supervised center.

La Estetica dedicates itself to staying abreast with leading products and innovations in the Cosmetic and Dermatological fields. It wants to make sure that each customer is treated as a unique individual with her own set of needs, wants and preferences, while adhering to the strictest standards of privacy and security.

La Estetica commits to regularly training its staff, and giving them opportunities for career advancement. It aims to make itself an increasingly profitable business endeavour and to give its investors regular and reasonable profits. It is mindful of being a socially responsible company contributing to nation-building.

La Estetica values loyalty, customer intimacy, compassion and innovation.